Saturday, October 1, 2011

White Bowl=Black Dress

A simple white bowl is like that little black dress hanging in your closet; it goes everywhere!  A white bowl can be dressed up or down, used for holidays or every single day.  You get the idea!

I don't often sell glassware, but this little white bowl, recently discovered at a rainy, farm auction in northern Missouri, called my name.  I love the fact that it's only 3 1/2" tall by 7" wide because it's the perfect size for your morning bowl of Cheerios or your evening bowl of chili straight from the crock pot.  It's even dishwasher safe, which is a super deal considering its' vintage nature.

But what I love about simple white bowls is their ability to be used around the house, as well.  Set it on the middle of your dining room table flanked by hurricane lamps and fill with acorns, pine cones and a touch of greenery for Fall.  Place antique colorful Christmas ornaments inside for the holidays.  I even love the idea of placing an antique garden frog at the bottom and attaching a favorite black and white photo of a long-lost relative inside.  The ideas are truly endless.

The bowl is currently listed here.

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