Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Saturday's Farm Auction off 36 Highway

Our alarm clock woke us up extra early Saturday morning for the 3 hour drive to a farm outside Clarence, Missouri. I was extra lucky that my husband had the weekend off so I had a partner in crime which translates to a partner who could drive the truck while I rested my eyes.  :)  Heehee. . .

I was giddy with excitement when I read the auction listing because it included the word "primitives" and it was held at a farm, which lately has become a prerequisite that I use to weed through the numerous auctions that are held on Saturdays.

When we arrived, I knew that the drive had been worthwhile and I also could tell we had a long day ahead of us.  Attending auctions is a science to me.  I try and arrive at least an hour early which usually affords a decent parking space *usually* and it gives me time to leisurely obtain a buyer's number and scrounge through the boxes and numerous flat beds full of vintage lovelies.

I normally plot my plan of action and wait for the time to pounce.   It's a rarity that the things I want auctioned first are, and that means a whole lot of standing around waiting, but it's a great time to people watch and also notice what prices the items are going for because I often miss things that are obviously collectible.

Saturday was one of the more interesting auctions in terms of the items up for auction and the people there. When I ran to the truck to apply more sunscreen, I saw this:

and pretty much matched the horse and buggy up with these people:

I'm not sure if they were Amish or Old Order Mennonite.  There was another group of people there who dressed pretty much the same but they drove their own vehicles.

Some of the interesting items up for auction:

I didn't purchase any of the above items, but I did fill up the inside cab of the truck and 1/4 of the truck bed! I purchased more sewing patterns, a primitive glazed pitcher, white with black banding graniteware in excellent condition, large lot of antique eyeglasses and cases *so, so cool!*, an egg basket, old wire basket, old wooden crates and boxes, antique milking stool with a red-painted top, white stoneware and an Elna Grasshopper sewing machine *be still my beating heart*!

It was a GREAT haul!

We were at the auction from 8:30-6:20 and then had another 3 hour drive back home only to get up early the next morning and drive down to the cottage, take the boat out of the water and drive it another hour south to the dealer to get winterized and then get up the next morning and head to Cross Timbers, MO for a Fall Consignment Auction!  Whew!  I'll write about that tomorrow.

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