Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hotsie Totsie

Oh boy, has it been hot in the midwest!  So much so, I haven't been pounding the pavement much scooping up great antiques to offer to you, my treasured customers.

Auctions have been put on the back burner because of the heat but before the furnace started up in full-force, I attended two terrific auctions.  I crazily woke up one morning at 2 a.m. and drove 6+ hours to Cozad, Nebraska to a farm auction and I was not disappointed!  I found some unusual pieces like this antique stove board:

Isn't that divine?  I've learned that stove boards were put near the wood-burning stoves so that ashes and embers wouldn't set the wood floor on fire. This one has an air of Frank Lloyd Wright, don't you think?

This hand-painting was definitely a must-have when I saw it.  You can just imagine this hanging in a Nebraska farmhouse in the early 1900's:

I also scored this very old suitcase with the original owner's name:

I listed the suitcase on Etsy and it sold right away to someone who moved to the West Coast from Nebraska.  This is one of the reasons I adore selling antiques because many people buy items that give them good, wholesome memories.  :)

The second auction this summer was in Green Ridge, Missouri at a lovely antebellum home situated far from the main road on a plat of land with beautiful, formal gardens and charming outbuildings like this chicken house:

I really wish I had taken more pictures that day, but I was so enthralled with the antiques and vintage items being offered that I took my time there instead of taking pictures of the glorious location.  A former antique dealer lived there and did it ever show!  The only other photograph I took was my stash at the end of the auction, which was on a very hot day:

I'm hoping to get the box you see on the left and the rugs underneath listed on eBay and Etsy this weekend, so keep watch!  I still have other goodies to be listed, but if you haven't checked out my Etsy page lately, please do.  There are many goodies for you to look at while keeping cool in your air-conditioned abode.