Friday, June 28, 2013

Auctions Auctions and More Auctions!

As I was closing up the cottage for a few weeks after our 3-week get-away, I had a text from my uncle letting me know that in two days, my great-uncle's farm auction would be going on in Northern Illinois. I had way too short of notice, but I wanted to go so badly. (Evidently my grandmother forgot I told her for over a year that I wanted to know when the auction got scheduled so I could drive up. God bless her, she's 84 and gets forgetful from time to time.) My great-aunt and uncle lived on the farm for as long as I could remember.  Ed was born on the farm, so he had been there his whole life and my great-aunt married him in the early 1930's.  Margaret passed away in 2009 and Ed passed away last August at 102 years old.  I really wanted to attend the auction, but just didn't have enough time to drive back to Kansas and then on to Illinois.

Here's a picture of Margaret, Ed and their son:

Here's a picture of the barn during a snow storm (the barn is still standing today):

After I found out about the auction, I went online and found pictures that the auction company listed.  Be still my beating heart. . .

So many things looked intriguing.  I was pretty heartbroken that I couldn't go.  It would have been a great time taking pictures and picking up a few items to remember them by.  However, when I saw 2 particular pictures, I picked up the phone and called my grandmother to tell her I had to have these 2 items:

I love the painted cookie jar.  The lid has been broken in many pieces and glued back together; just my style!  They were able to get the jar for $8!

Then I saw this doll that I knew my great-grandmother made.  My grandmother was happy I pointed it out to her and when she went to hunt the doll down to make sure it would be bid on, the family told her to give it to me as a remembrance.  :)  Isn't that the best?

I was very close to my great-grandmother, Gigi.

She eventually moved in with my grandparents after my great-grandfather passed away and she couldn't take care of her home any longer and needed personal assistance.  I grew up right behind my grandparents' home, so I visited often.

After school, I would run over to the house and play piano for Gigi.  She was my biggest fan.

There was no way I was going to let anything she made go up for auction!  :)  I can't wait to get the doll and put her in a very special place. So while I couldn't be there in person, at least I have a few things waiting for me in Illinois the next time I visit.  :)  My grandmother told me I also have a small box of linens!  Yay!

I did, however, make it to Parker, Kansas for a farm auction.  It was hot.

I was taking an air-conditoning a break while the auctioneer was selling tools.  Yikes!  I did well, though, and will be listing several new items on Etsy in the coming weeks.  Tomorrow I'm headed to mid-Missouri for a 3-generation farm auction.  It'll be a very early morning and a long day, but I'm up for it!

I'll let you know how it goes!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

I'm Back! :)

A 10-day vacation morphed into a nearly 3-week vacation!  Yay!  Because the giant big-box pharmacy that my husband works for has a store in Clinton, MO, he was able to pick up some hours and commute to and from the lake cottage.I have now had my fill and am happy to be back home.Even though we spent a good deal of time at the cottage, much of it was filled with finishing up the work around the place that typically we work on in the Spring.But because of the weather and other factors, we were behind on nearly every aspect.

R worked on the logs and painted the front of the cottage.We planted lots of new perennials in the garden.We antiqued.I read, he relaxed.We replaced the guest room bed and bought a recliner for the living room.There were lots of rainy days in between so in all the time we were down there, we only boated 3 times and he never took out the jet ski. That's one for the books.

I didn't take too many pictures.  We've had the lake cottage since 2005, so like a child, each year sees less and less photography.  But I did manage a few shots that I'll share:

R is punching in the directions to Hermann, Missouri.  We went to Stone Hill Winery for lunch and wine!  :)

This was taken on the way to the winery.  Can you believe this is Missouri?

I'm lazy and shot photos from the car as you can tell from the deceased bugs on the windshield!  Here we were leaving the winery.

On the way back, we went through Bay, Missouri.  Such a pretty area with lots of hills and church steeples.  I must go back with my better camera and spend some time!

This was before Edie's second boat ride.  Her first boat ride consisted of water with lots of wakes, wind and tons of boaters.  She was not impressed.  Here, she doesn't look impressed with the idea of trying boating once more.

But the weather!  Zero-percent chance of storms and calm water; it was the perfect day!

First we got gas at Hiawatha Beach where we saw the PO PO because there was a fugitive in the lake area and he was being hunted down!  :) *awesome*

Look at all that horsepower!  :)  *vroom*vroom!

Here we are waiting for Daddy to bring us lunch from Big Dick's Halfway Inn which is 29 1/2 miles from where we dock. While waiting, I started seeing clouds over the horizon that were looking a tad threatening and then we heard thunder!  Thunder!

From the boat damage we experienced with a horrendous storm in 2011 seen here:  2011 Boat Damage , we were slightly concerned!  We put the food away and punched the boat to try and get home except it wasn't looking well according to the radar:

We were able to duck into someone's dock while it stormed like crazy!  :)

Thank goodness for Captain Morgan!  ;)  He always takes pictures like he's still in the military.  Ha-ha!

Luckily Edie handled this with bravery.  Of course we were in a very sheltered cove, so the wind wasn't creating huge waves like in 2011.

Finally, when it was just sprinkling, we decided to try the drive back and came upon this.  Fortunately, right after I took the picture, the clouds stopped dropping!  Whew!

I had time to do some sewing.  This was the only item I documented: a bunting for our bike display:

Now we're back home and Edie has one more intermediate training class before graduation and we take a summer break! She loves her rides in the car!

I went to an auction last Saturday and my great-uncle's auction in Illinois was last Saturday, as well, so I'll blog about that coming up!