Tuesday, February 10, 2015

From John, Dec. 25th, 1906

My husband and I were out antiquing recently and I came across this handmade pillow and completely and utterly fell in love.  How could I not?  See all the beadwork?

And it's not just flat beadwork but layers upon layers of beads:

Just that, alone, is incredible but then I turned it over and found this handwriting:

And then there was a handwritten note attached to the back:

Enamored just doesn't seem adequate.  This sort of thing fills my heart to the brim.

I don't buy much for myself any longer since I'm a dealer and typically buy to sell, but this piece, oh my, this piece immediately went into our collection!  As I was pondering this, my husband grabbed it out of my hand and said, "Happy Valentine's Day."

Ahhhh, he's a good one, alright.

This special pillow is hanging on an old shutter that we found out in Central Kansas that was once attached to a very large farmhouse.  The shutter is laid horizontally on our fireplace mantle and the pillow is hanging in the center.