Friday, April 29, 2011

Adding New Items

I'm back from my Easter trip and rarin' to list new items purchased from my southern Missouri trip as well as the one stop in Bethany, Missouri on my trip to Illinois.

This unique antique composition doll will be listed within the next several days as well as the 1939 friendship quilt she's sitting against.  Remember you can click the picture to enlarge the image.

I have collected composition dolls for several years and this is the first time I have come across one with an opening in her curly hair for a ribbon.

Her dress is not original, but she sure is cute from the tip of her head down to her little shoes.

We'll be perusing the Lake of the Ozark region this weekend and I hope to pop over to Versailles and visit the open-air flea market that is held every weekend.  We've had our place down there for 6 years and I have never visited the flea market, so I hope the weather cooperates and there are deals to be had!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter Break

I am taking a small break from processing sales through the Easter season.  E-mails will be answered, but there will not be any shipping until the end of April.  Thank you and enjoy a blessed Easter!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Listing Photography

I am in the midst of listing my abandonment photography.

Check it out by clicking, "Through the Lens."


The Haul

From the Ozark region of Missouri, I managed to nearly fill up the trunk of my Chevy HHR:

Everything you see here will be listed within the next month.  Keep checking back!

What's New at Dancing Bumblebee Cottage

After surrounding myself with antique and vintage items ever since I was old enough to hold a job and obtain a checking account, I decided selling that which I love made sense.  Back in 2000, I opened up a booth in a small antique mall located in Paola, Kansas.  In order to fill up the booth, I perused auctions and antique shops and did quite well until eBay came along.

Around 2001, I closed my booth and strictly sold online and it became a full-time job for awhile.  My grandmother needed help consolidating her estate full of antiques, so in 2004 I sold her items exclusively through mid-2005 on eBay and then I took a break.

Just recently the bug bit again and the timing seems right, so I am back selling items that are near and dear to me.  In my early years of selling, I purchased a plethora of items to sell, but now I'm more particular.  The items for sale will be centered around vintage fabrics including quilts, quilt tops, sewing fabric, feedsacks and flour sacks.

You'll also see anything related to sewing that is vintage in nature such as old sewing books, sewing baskets/boxes, and any type of sewing essentials.

Other than those items, you will see vintage clothing and perhaps new clothing made from vintage material.  Old pictures from the locales of Kansas and Missouri will be featured as well as my own photography in which I feature Kansas and Missouri abandonment.

Continue to check this website as I will list things periodically.  Of course you can always check our eBay auctions by clicking the tab to your left.

I am a midwestern girl at heart and strive to share with you the items used heavily by pioneering women and the generations of women thereafter who toiled away making life better for those they loved.  The items left behind for our generation have stories to tell.  Those are the items I share with you here.

After 6 years, the sign on the front door of Dancing Bumblebee Cottage now reads, "Open for Business."