Thursday, May 30, 2013

See You Soon!

Pinterest Friday is going to be put on hold for a few weeks.  It's vacation time so I will be doing a little of this:


Reading, though this time with my Nook.  I've gone modern!  :)





See you soon!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Pillow Preview

A preview of my next feed sack pillow.  We cleaned the garage yesterday and today is my sewing "break."

Yay, I love extended holiday weekends!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Pinterest Friday

As an animal lover, you'd totally expect me to pin this:


Cute, huh?  I'm two steps away from making a pet pillow of my adorable Mable, the cat.  :)  It's easy! Just send a picture to Spoonflower and have them print the fabric.  

If you are interested in a pet pillow of your own, contact me and I'd be happy to make one of your dog or cat!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Farmer Is Born

When I came across an old feed sack from the Farm Yeast Feed Co., Kansas City, KS, I jumped with joy!  Yay! It was the first time I've ever seen the farmer logo that took up nearly all of the right hand side of the sack. I was smitten!

I knew I needed to rescue the farmer from the very stained feed sack and I did just that yesterday. I cut the farmer out of the sack and then free-motion stitched around part of the logo. I then cut out the company name and the ingredient list to sew on the back of the pillow.  I added a zipper in the center side and sewed it all together and then stuffed with polyester fiberfill.

He stands 19" tall and is 6" wide at the base and he's oh' so handsome!

He's ready for a new adventure and you can adopt him for just $36.00 in my Etsy shop: link in your right sidebar.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

1938 & 2013 Proof Reader Flunkies

I am so excited!  Two rows of ruffles and one row of pre-made eyelet ruffling so far has been sewn on this tea towel.  They're not perfect, but not bad for my first time making ruffles in this manner:

The top is sewn straight, the towel was scrunched up in this picture.  :)  But. . . But. . . and this pains me to say it as a former college newspaper editor and an advertising proof reader for a daily newspaper, the second word in this 1938 advertisement has a typo.  It should read, "For fifty" not "For fifity".

Oh no! :)  Still, it's a cute piece I think.  I'm going to take this down to the cottage over vacation so I can use the serger to serge the sheer fabric ruffles instead of using my Singer sewing machine.

I'll let you know when it's finished!  :)

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

In the Sewing Studio

I'm in the sewing studio for the next few days sewing up things for the shop.  Or not.  Depends on how my projects turn out.  :)

I printed this 1938 Blue Ball Jars advertisement at Spoonflower and I'm turning it into a dishtowel.  This is my first attempt at ruffles.  They won't be perfect, but hopefully I'll be happy at the end result. I'm going to layer the ruffles all the way down the sides with alternating fabric including the sheer fabric you see at the left.

I have lots of Spoonflower projects in the wings, so keep watch!  Meanwhile, why not meander over to my Etsy shop.  There are 400 items up for sale!  :)

Monday, May 20, 2013

Avon's Upcoming New Hypoallergenic Skin Care Line

Avon will be introducing a new hypoallergenic line of skin care!  Yay! Since my skin easily breaks out when it doesn't like something, this is welcome news. I must say, though, the Anew line hasn't affected my skin in any way but positive. I wear both the 15 spf day cream and the night cream and honestly, my skin hasn't looked this good in a long while.

Recently when we went to the lake cottage, I decided to use up cream I had down there already from Trader Joes.  It was all organic and after applying it to my face, I broke out in a full-face rash!  Yikes!  So this says something for Avon products to start with.

The new line will be out in the next campaign in 2 weeks, but I received 3 of the products beforehand:

I'm going to start this line on Monday, so I'll let you know how it works out. For my fellow systemic mastocytosis peeps, perhaps this can be used for those who have uncontrolled mast cells!  We all need to feel and look beautiful, and I hope this line delivers!

If you haven't stopped by my Avon shop, please do:  My Avon Shop

Since next weekend is the unofficial start of summer, check out the lovely summer fashions from Avon including this dress:

Remember, you may order online and have the order shipped directly to you! Free shipping with a $30 order!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Pinterest Friday (on Saturday!)

Yesterday got away from me, so I'm writing up the Pinterest Friday blog on Saturday.  Before I start, though, this is the last weekend of Spring Sales on my Etsy page.  I have 4 delightful items up for sale, so please click over to my shop.  Next weekend is Memorial Day weekend and that is the unofficial start of summer.  I'm still slashing prices on some of my items, so be sure to check back from time to time!

My stepson, Kris, is in the Navy and stationed in Italy. He was married recently to the lovely Jen:

Aren't they a beautiful couple?  :) I married my husband 3 years after his wife; Kris's mother, died of breast cancer. Since Kris and Jen are both in the Navy and will be traveling often, deciding on a wedding gift has been difficult.  They haven't registered yet, and Kris has mentioned he does most of the cooking.  I know what I'd like to buy for them, but Navy life is different than civilian life, so I'm waiting to hear what they'd really like.

In the meantime, I've been scouring ideas of something to make; something special that they would both like.

I pinned this idea to Pinterest months ago:

I'm going to dig up some recipes hand-written by Kris's mother and have them printed at Spoonflower to be made into tea towels.  I'll also make a set for my stepdaughter, Heather.  My mother purchased the "Joy of Cooking" cookbook for my wedding, so I think I'll add that, as well.  :)

Pinterest always has the best ideas!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Vintage Feed Seed Sack Pillows

I've been busy in the sewing room.  In fact, after a trip last Monday to the cottage for the annual leaf clean-up, I brought home a bag full of zippers and fabric so I can sew some things up for the shop! For some reason, this year I'm really in the sewing mood!  Yay!

I made pillows last weekend:

I love turning old seed / feed sacks into a new creation and I also love that I'm finally mastering the art of sewing zippers into projects.  :)

The pillows are listed in my Etsy shop!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Pinterest and Sale Friday

For Pinterest Friday I'm featuring a handy-dandy idea for your Swiffer.  Weekends are for cleaning anyway, right?


I've seen this pin on Pinterest quite a bit and finally clicked over to a lovely blog with all of the instructions to make this easy Swiffer cover. I adore the buttons and feel they would hold the fabric onto the head much easier without slipping.

See the instructions here: Reusable Swiffer Cover

For my weekend sale at Etsy, I'm featuring these 4 items:

I love these old sprinklers. The chippy white metal motor unit and the curvature of the sprinkler design makes this piece neat to look at!  Great in any gardening vignette and I think you would still be able to use the sprinkler in your yard!

Was $14.99 now $7.00

Neat 1908 Rexall Drug price list includes drugs, candy and perfume!

Was $14.00 now $9.00

Who doesn't love vintage advertising aprons? Perfect for antique and flea market dealers for the summer months! Wear the apron when you go to shows to hold your receipt book and money bag.

Was $24.99 now $15.00

Antique wood slipper mold is quite an unusual find. You can use it for its intended purpose or it's just great as a display piece.  This piece is hand-carved wood and one-of-a-kind!

Was $9.99 now $4.00

Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Let's Dish Avon: Foundation

I took a few pictures yesterday to highlight my new Avon foundation and to give praise of my new necklace from mark. When I uploaded the pictures, holy double hockey sticks am I growing hairy sideburns and no one told me?

Quite a few years ago when taking selfies for MySpace was the thing, I remember taking a picture of myself and a lone chin whisker showed up front and center.  How did THAT graduate into full-on peach-fuzz sideburns?

I'm guessing it's the testosterone. Since I've had the "surgery", I'm on bio-identical hormones with the kitchen sink included. Though I've tapered off to a dose once a week, this is my only explanation. I shouldn't complain, really. I saw a lady on the news last night with a 5 o'clock shadow, so I guess things could be worse.

Let's get to the makeup and jewelry, shall we?

I didn't put eye makeup on yesterday because I wanted to focus on Avon's Ideal Flawless Invisible Coverage Liquid Foundation in Light Ivory 410-770.  Self Magazine featured this foundation as a winner in the Healthy Beauty Awards in 2012. What I love best is the SPF 15 and it's a fraction of the cost I was paying for Clinique foundation.

Here's the link:  Ideal Flawless Invisible Coverage Liquid Foundation

And a closeup:

Have you checked out the trendy products in Avon's line called mark. ?

The necklace I'm wearing is by mark. and will be available soon.

Want to see more?

mark. by Avon

Now that Mother's Day is coming up, Father's Day isn't far behind. Avon has a full range of products for men.  My husband wears their cologne and gets lots of compliments at work. Besides cologne and face products, you'll have to stay tuned for all the goodies that your dad or husband can use in in every day life. I'm buying my husband a circular container to hold all of our nails and screws at the cottage. Shhh, don't tell! Avon will have everything up for sale soon to take care of that special man in your life.

If you'd like a browse a small preview:  Father's Day Preview

My direct link to my Avon shop is:

Pop on often because Avon runs free shipping sales all of the time! I imagine they'll run a special this weekend for Mother's Day. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sewing Project: Kindle Fire HD 7 Cover / Dog Obedience Training Treat / Bait Bag

This week I have been sitting at the sewing machine. My first-generation iPad needed to be replaced and after much hem-hawing, decided on the Kindle Fire HD 7. Have you seen the cases out in the stores and the price tags?  Yikes! So, I sat down last evening and constructed one from scratch.

The pocket in front is large enough to hold the charger:

I used a vintage bakelite pin and bias trim for the top closure:

The two buttons for the pocket are vintage, too.  The case is lined in heart fleece:

I'm going to perfect the pattern and put some up in my Etsy shop. I also made a dog bait/treat bag for Edie's Intermediate Training course:

The outer material is from Spoonflower.  Cute, huh?  It's lined in polka dot flannel:

I used two safety pins to pin it to my shirt the day of training. Since I usually wear yoga pants to class, I didn't need a loop to hook to a belt loop. I like the button closure so I can easily close it with one hand when I'm not handing out treats and if I bend over, the treats don't go everywhere.  This style will go up in my shop soon, as well.

Right now I'm ready to list several vintage clothing patterns, so click on the shop link for more info!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Oinkity Oink Oink! It's a Pig Radio!

I picked up this pig in Salina, Kansas recently.  It beckoned me from across the room because it was so cute but after picking it up, I noticed it's actually a radio and it works.  How about that?

Wanna listen?

Cute, huh?  The pig is listed in my Etsy shop!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Avon's Far Away Bella Perfect For Mother's Day

Are you stumped on what to give Mom for Mother's Day?  Avon to the rescue!  I just received the new Avon fragrance called, Far Away Bella. It was just as lovely as a scent that you'd find at any high-end department store. I am incredibly impressed!

The bottle is pretty, too:

It's on sale for $19.99 right now and what's even better, you'll receive a free rollette, which is a $12 value. (You can keep that one all for yourself!)

Visit this link to access my Avon shop:

Or type: in your browser.

Free Shipping with any $30 order!