Saturday, May 18, 2013

Pinterest Friday (on Saturday!)

Yesterday got away from me, so I'm writing up the Pinterest Friday blog on Saturday.  Before I start, though, this is the last weekend of Spring Sales on my Etsy page.  I have 4 delightful items up for sale, so please click over to my shop.  Next weekend is Memorial Day weekend and that is the unofficial start of summer.  I'm still slashing prices on some of my items, so be sure to check back from time to time!

My stepson, Kris, is in the Navy and stationed in Italy. He was married recently to the lovely Jen:

Aren't they a beautiful couple?  :) I married my husband 3 years after his wife; Kris's mother, died of breast cancer. Since Kris and Jen are both in the Navy and will be traveling often, deciding on a wedding gift has been difficult.  They haven't registered yet, and Kris has mentioned he does most of the cooking.  I know what I'd like to buy for them, but Navy life is different than civilian life, so I'm waiting to hear what they'd really like.

In the meantime, I've been scouring ideas of something to make; something special that they would both like.

I pinned this idea to Pinterest months ago:

I'm going to dig up some recipes hand-written by Kris's mother and have them printed at Spoonflower to be made into tea towels.  I'll also make a set for my stepdaughter, Heather.  My mother purchased the "Joy of Cooking" cookbook for my wedding, so I think I'll add that, as well.  :)

Pinterest always has the best ideas!

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