Wednesday, May 22, 2013

1938 & 2013 Proof Reader Flunkies

I am so excited!  Two rows of ruffles and one row of pre-made eyelet ruffling so far has been sewn on this tea towel.  They're not perfect, but not bad for my first time making ruffles in this manner:

The top is sewn straight, the towel was scrunched up in this picture.  :)  But. . . But. . . and this pains me to say it as a former college newspaper editor and an advertising proof reader for a daily newspaper, the second word in this 1938 advertisement has a typo.  It should read, "For fifty" not "For fifity".

Oh no! :)  Still, it's a cute piece I think.  I'm going to take this down to the cottage over vacation so I can use the serger to serge the sheer fabric ruffles instead of using my Singer sewing machine.

I'll let you know when it's finished!  :)

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