Monday, May 5, 2014

What's New at Dancing Bumblebee Cottage?

Oh so many good things are headed to the shop! We are going to fill up that 130 square feet to the gills!   I was going to head in today, so this weekend I spent digging around and getting things ready and priced like crazy.  Last night my husband, in his underwear may I add (HAHA!), filled up my little Buick with all sorts of goodies.  Then he texted me today saying he actually has the day off tomorrow, so we'll just do everything in one day instead of spreading the filling up over 3 days, which was originally planned.  This is good for me to have help! So we'll have two vehicles full.

Many new things that haven't been seen at the West Bottoms are ready to go like these items:

This sign is from our own collection.  I have enjoyed it so much, but it's time to let it go and put it back into the world for others to enjoy!

I'm nuts over this box!  It was discovered deep in a barn in Cole Camp, Missouri.  The metal against the red letting just sends this right over the edge of awesomeness!

Yes, this is a church board!  Yes, it's THAT cool!  Remember this auction I blogged about in Maud, Missouri?  Here's the link:  Maud, Missouri Church Auction

It has taken me 2 years to bring this to the general public.  I've enjoyed it in our studio, but it's time again, to pass it along.  If I have room, I'll bring in the acolyte lighter, but that may have to wait.

This old Moore receipt holder is big and heavy!  It still has some extra receipts, as well.  Look in the upper left hand corner, the phone numbers have 3 digits!  I'm adding a little chick for display!  :)

I am bringing in a plethora of quilts dating back to the late 1800's to the 1950's.  Stay tuned, the next blog will include a story about one of the quilt tops.

This is just a small smattering of what you'll see when you visit us at Big Creek Antique Mall in Greenwood, Missouri.  I'm bringing in my good camera tomorrow, so I'll pass along pictures.

We are also putting a few items on sale.  I'll let you know all about the sale items on Facebook, so check us out and "like" us for current updates.  You can find us here:  Dancing Bumblebee on Facebook

Going to get back to work and just maybe I'll get a few Etsy listings up.  :)

Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Cottage Has Expanded!

Yesterday we moved into our expanded space at Big Creek Antique Mall in Greenwood, Missouri.  This will be a 3-part moving excursion.  Yesterday we brought in 2 large farm gates that were purchased at a Missouri farm auction earlier this year (pre back issue!  :(  ).  Here's a picture I took of one of the gates shortly before loading in the truck:

We also brought in much of what was in our booth in the West Bottoms as well as a few more pictures from other auction excursions.  Big Creek was super busy yesterday so I hastily shot a few cell phone pictures before I left.

I wanted to show you this corner that I think turned out sweet.  We'll be adding in more pictures on the wall and everything isn't finished,  but don't you love all the old chippy paint goodness?

On top of the white table is a vintage multi 4-use bread pan.  These old bread pans are great for baking multiple loaves of bread at one time but they are also great for display.  I placed 3 vintage hand-painted floral plates in the pan as well as a 1940's farm auction bill.  Isn't that an adorable display?

I'm heading back in Monday to bring in the primitive chicken coop shelves and several antique hand-sewn quilts that I have collected over the past year from various country auctions.  Wednesday we will bring in additional vintage framed pictures to hang on the wall and then we should be set for awhile.

Wednesday I will bring in my good camera to get better pictures to share.

- - -
My issue with my sciatica nerve impingement is preventing me from going to an auction this weekend which is just as well.  I will be posting some lovely goodness on Etsy!  Yay!  So check our Etsy shop out this weekend!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

See Our New Look!

Have you visited our Facebook page lately?  Don't know about our page, here's the link:  Dancing Bumblebee Cottage is on Facebook!

"Liking" our page will give you updates of both our booth at Big Creek Antique Mall in Greenwood, Missouri and our Etsy shop.  There will also postings about the auctions I attend the overall fun of hunting down the best vintage goodness to bring to you, our wonderful customers and friends!  And keep checking back because I'll periodically list coupon codes for our Etsy shop.

If you click on the link in the sidebar to our Etsy page, you'll notice that we've changed our logo.  Thank to runningwithfoxes on Etsy, we have a cohesive online look between Facebook and Etsy.  She was wonderful to work with and if you ever need logos, banners or website graphics, please visit:  runningwithfoxes

Don't you love this?

We ordered business cards from Vista Print which matches well with our online presence:

This is the front of the card:

And the back:

- -
Two nights ago, we officially moved out of Pete N Repeat Repurposed in the West Bottoms.  It was really bittersweet.  I so love the owners, Brent and Chris, and my fellow vendors.  The building is so incredibly cool as is the entire West Bottoms.  But the sweetness comes when I no longer have the drive downtown which includes racing on the 6-8 lane highway and finding parking close by and unloading into the large building, taking an elevator to the 4th floor and loading my booth.  Because of my new diagnosis of spinal stenosis and sciatica, it was just time to move at a slower pace.

Since our garage is filled with treasures, I will slowly be working on our expanded space at the antique mall as well as occasionally posting things on Etsy that have piled up.  Ahhh, the life of an antique dealer is one that chaos reigns and the love of vintage abounds. . .

Now what auction will I attend this weekend?  Hmmmm . . .