Monday, March 19, 2012

First Farm Auction a Success

Saturday's farm auction was a success!  We rolled out of bed at the ungodly hour of 5 a.m. and headed into northeast Missouri.  For this stuck-in-the-suburbs girl, standing outside under the great big sky and large open expanse of land never grows old.  

The woman's estate contained very nice antiques and vintage items.  If only I had ways of selling larger items, I would have come away with terrific deals on furniture like this chair set that sold for $6.

Can you imagine?

I was fortunate to nab some pretty good deals, myself, that includes an 1800's indigo blues cutter quilt, a 1920's carnival doll, 1940's nautical/Navy charm necklaces, an entire collection of vintage half aprons, scarves, and the really old photograph of the woman in the blog before this one.

Also included at this auction were the contents of Maud Christian Church.  I'm not sure how long it has set unoccupied, but I'm sure for quite awhile.  The proceeds from the auction went to the upkeep and mowing of the church cemetery.

After the auction, Richard and I drove to Maud and found the church.

See the abandoned home beyond the field?  It was cloudy outside and I didn't have my good camera equipment, otherwise we would have taken photos of the abandoned home.  There were plenty of abandonments out that way, so I know we'll be back.

I adore the gingerbread trim.

Here are a few pictures of the church contents at auction:

The lovely altar table went for $85.

This ornate lectern also sold for $85.  Isn't that a steal?

We were able to nab the entire contents on this table as well as the attendance board and numbers on the ground!  Included on the table are the 2 original 1800's church Bibles and the acolyte wand.  Incredible finds!

We'll be listing these items within a few weeks, so please check back here on the blog or on our eBay site.

There are no auctions this upcoming weekend that interest me, unfortunately, however the auction bug has bit and it felt SO good to be back buying at farm auctions, so I'm constantly on the lookout for auction listings!  I can't wait to see what the season will bring!

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