Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Stained Page=YUMMY Recipe

Sometimes weekly menu planning can get overwhelming.  There are stacks of cookbooks in the pie safe cabinet and some also on top of the pantry shelf.  A host of recipe sites can be found on the internet and with Pinterest, well let's just say I sometimes don't know where to start.

Back in the day before the internet, people often took cast-off memo books and created their own cookbook.

With hand-written recipes passed down from generation to generation, the pages were lined with pen and pencil highlighting their favorites.  The more stained the page, the better the recipe, right?

The occasional taped recipe culled from periodicals can be found too, with names like Quick-As-A-Wink Icing and Pineapple Icebox Dessert, who can resist trying out the various recipes floating around in 1950?

If my husband and I weren't on a diet, I think it would be great fun to cook and bake through this cookbook while blogging the process and the results.  Wouldn't that be a kick?

This one is up for grabs here:

1950's Cookbook


  1. I'm ashamed of the state of some of my favorite cookbooks for that reason, ha ha! "See where it says shortening? Well, there's the shortening stain, right there..." I love old, hodgepodge from recipes in magazines and copied out by hand kind of cookbooks like this one!

  2. Me, too! My cookbooks, specifically the Gooseberry Patch books, have lots of stains on the pages of my favorite recipes. One day someone's going to put that up for sale and say the same things I said about this book! :)