Thursday, October 13, 2011

Monday's Consignment Auction

After finally finding some relaxing time Sunday evening at the cottage and going to bed extra early, when the alarm clock rang the next morning, I was rarin' to go!  Monday's auction was a fall consignment auction about 50 miles south of the cottage.

Truthfully, it wasn't the best auction by far, but did have a few interesting things to keep me long enough for them to auction off several tables of guns, rifles and coins.  ::Boring!!!::

Finally, they started auctioning the things I was most interested in.

First was the 1950's PINK Atlas sewing machine:

Isn't she a beauty?  It comes with the original carrying case and who knows what else.  I won the bid and will be listing this awesome machine in the future most likely on eBay!

There was a full table of antique Singer sewing machines and their original wood cases:

What I loved most was the light on each sewing machine:  *I apologize for the picture, I was using my cell phone camera*

Each machine went for around $17.00.  I started bidding, but backed off when I noticed a Mennonite bidding.  He bought most of the machines and I felt good that they were going to be used once again!

I didn't stay long enough for the very primitive cabinet top and possum-belly table to be auctioned, but I did take a photo of this piece of hardware attached to the cabinet top:

I can just imagine hot pads were attached to the clips.  If I had room or an antique mall booth, I definitely would have bid on this piece!

Also purchased was a large, vintage General Electric clock, like the kind you probably grew up with in your school room or business office.  We also bought an antique milking stool and metal pieces from old stoves.  Not bad for about 3 hours worth of travel, standing around and bidding.

Saturday is another farm auction, but this time it's in the vicinity of our lake cottage!  Yay!  So, I'll drive down Friday afternoon, spend the night, go to the auction Saturday and go back to spend another night and head home Sunday!  That's much easier than driving hours to an auction, standing around all day and having to drive back.

I don't know how many great deals there will be Saturday since we stopped at a few antique store haunts after Monday's auction and I discussed the auction with a few people who were really excited for Saturday.  Prices will probably go high, but we'll see.  The thrill of the hunt is half the fun!

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