Thursday, October 20, 2011

Saturday's Missouri Farm Auction

I was tickled pink when I read the auction listing for a farm auction just 35 miles away from our lake cottage.  This meant that I drove down Friday and spent two nights.  But better yet, I had access to our storage unit, which is a good thing right now as the last farm auction still needs to be sorted in my office.

Oh, what a fun time it was!

The house was very, very old and had 4 barns full of stuff so much so that there were two rings which I normally hate when I'm alone, but this time it worked perfectly because half of my competition was elsewhere!

Check out the bent lightening rod!

Boy did I ever get a workout!  The parking was in a field past the 4 barns and house.  I had to drive over worn, rutted paths with rocks sticking up to finally land in a field that had vegetation over the bottoms of my wheels that included thorny bushes.

I was so thankful I had my trusty cart purchased at an auction in 2001.

Sadly, one of the blue wheels just couldn't take the terrain one moment longer and on the way to the car to drop off a shipment, the wheel broke in half and thus ended the run of this trusty, little auction cart.

But not to fear, there was another cart still to be auctioned:

See it?  It's on the left hand side of the white stove.  The cart went for $7 ( money WELL spent) and the stove sold for $2, not to me, though.

The barns were old:

One had a deer head inside.  It seems like every single farm auction has this type of deer head in the barn:

There were lots of interesting items I had no chance of bidding on because this was in the other ring:

But the auctioneers did pull out these items to sell in our ring such as this awesome wheelbarrow:

It went for $65.

I adored this box still partially covered with vintage wallpaper:

Look at these primitive pieces:

I thought this can was especially interesting because it had a glass ball on top that was broken at the bottom:

Finally, these glass bottles and tops were visually cool to look at, though I didn't stick around long enough to bid on one:

I did buy several quilts:

and other sundries, not photographed.

Everything went into the storage unit next to this pile of boxes purchased at the farm auction in Northern Missouri:

Now I'm headed back to the internet to plan for this weekend with my hubby who has the weekend off!  Yay!  I love having an auction partner!

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