Friday, October 14, 2011

DeKalb Flying Ear of Corn

I grew up in Illinois; the same area where DeKalb Ag started.  As long as I can remember, the flying ear of corn logo has been a part of everyday life for me.  When we bought our home, I started collecting vintage DeKalb memorabilia for the dining room.  My favorite piece is this DeKalb sign:

It's probably at least 3 feet in length and at least 3 feet high and weighs a TON!  We purchased it from an out-of-the-way antique shop near the Kansas/Nebraska border.  It was sitting behind a large collection of "stuff" on the back wall.  After digging it out, we talked the dealer down to $75.  It's my prized DeKalb possession.

Over the years, I have also collected DeKalb seed sacks.  Recently, I decided to cut one up and turn it into a pillow:

Since I have quite a few seed sacks in my collection, this one is listed on eBay here.

I have another pillow made from an old dairy feed sack from East St. Louis, Illinois. It was the artwork that drew me in with the dollar sign and a dairy cow peeking through.

This pillow is also listed on eBay here.

I'm headed to a farm auction in Missouri tomorrow.  The last time I went to an auction in that neck of the woods, I didn't come away with much because there were a lot of dealers with very deep pockets.  But I'm still going because it appears that the farm has been in the owner's hands for decades and there are several outbuildings full of items.  The pictures show many great dust-covered primitives; just the way I like it!

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