Friday, March 15, 2013

Pinterest Friday

Is it Friday already?  Goodie gumdrops!

I've pinned ideas to use when you have vintage frames without the glass and you don't know how to display them.


What a delightful idea to place antique clocks in the center of the frames.  Here's the link that will take you to the site which has other pictures including pocket watches in frames:  Framed Clocks

Here's another neat idea using a frame as a jewelry display:


Although I think this, by far, is my favorite pin:


I think using frames for something unexpected brings charm in any decorating scheme.  My shop is currently carrying a couple of great frames found at a Nebraska farm auction.

I liked the rounded edges of this frame.  It's an oldie and even though there's a chunk of wood off the left hand side, I think it adds character and brings a primitive element in the design.

This frame is my very, very favorite!  After cleaning off several layers of dirt, a greenish coloring on the edges of this frame appeared!  Isn't it lovely?  The link to the shop is to your right.

What ideas spring to your mind when you see a vintage frame?

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. I've used old, vintage frames to prominently display my childrens artwork----makes them look alot like Picasso's.

    1. Great idea, as well! :) I'm sure it makes them happy to see their artwork "framed" ! :)