Friday, March 22, 2013

Pinterest Friday / Easter Decor: The Finale

I'm combining both Pinterest Friday and the finale of the our Easter decor into one blog full of Easter goodness.

For Pinterest Friday, I pinned the directions to this sweet rabbit embroidery from Sarah Jane Studios:


Pair this piece with the vintage rabbit embroidery design I blogged about prior and they would make great gifts for Easter.  You can make tea towels or even pillow cases with the designs with minimal effort.  Remember:  heirloom quality handmade items are loved and enjoyed for generations!

To wrap up my Easter decor, here's a sweet head of lettuce with rabbits on top.  The top does open so you could use the piece for serving up a tasty jello salad.  The head of lettuce sits on a lettuce-edged plate, as well, though that isn't photographed as clearly:

My grandmother's name is carved on the bottom of the plate.  Cute, huh?

The sparkles on this egg remind me of the 1950's, which I'm sure is when the egg was painted.  It also opens up, as you can tell.

I have a couple of these rabbits with pink rhinestone eyes.  I'm pretty sure my mother's name is on the rabbits.  I know my grandmother had both my mom and aunt help out with the painting over the years.

This antique milk glass egg was given to me when my grandmother liquidated her estate.  The writing is rubbing off as is the floral paint, but I still love the look.  It's quite fragile, as well.  I'm not sure if this was a piece that was handed down to her or if she purchased it at an antique shop.  Either way it's quite special.

And finally, this little vignette makes me smile.  The praying boy nightlight was from my grandmother. The hand-painted egg was made by a woman whose children I babysat when I lived in North Carolina many moons ago.

Just small touches around the house give it a festive flair of this most joyous of holidays.

The weekend is here!  Stop in at your local antique shop to search for lovely little Easter treasures to add a touch of homemade to your Easter decor.

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