Saturday, March 23, 2013

B*itch, Please

Today I'm organizing my personal fabric stash dividing the vintage feed and grain sacks, feedsack material, new fabric, vintage fabric and scraps.  I thought using plastic storage bins would be a great idea to keep things organized.

So did Mable, my nearly 14-year old applehead siamese.

When I turned around, she had staked her claim to one of the empty bins.  When I asked her politely to leave, she meowed and I took the photo.  I'm guessing this was a "no."

Then I got this look:

Have you seen the Charlie Brown and Snoopy cartoons floating around the internet where they are sitting on a dock and Snoopy says something and Charlie responds, "Bitch, Please." ?

I'm guessing this is Mable's look of "Bitch, please."  Wink:Wink.

How can I say no to my precious little blue-eyed babe.  I can't.

And she knows it!

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