Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Farm Girl Fabric

Boy am I ever on an ephemera kick.  It could be the result of cleaning out and organizing my office space.  :)  Everything is now reorganized in clear totes which is heaven!!  Can I tell you how delicious a full clear tote of vintage feed sack fabric is?  I'll have to shoot a picture and post in the near future because it's so loverly.

Speaking of ephemera and fabric, I like marrying the two.  See the link in my right sidebar that says Spoonflower.  You'll notice I have a little shop there.

Recently, I sat down with my hand-held scanner and a 1925 Kansas Farmer publication and scanned in sweet cut art and advertising.  I especially liked this art showing a woman looking down at a chicken and baby chicks:

It was above an article about how farm wives are making money with the purchase of baby chicks.  I turned it into fabric over at Spoonflower.  The sample I scanned has the pattern in straight lines, though I have changed it to a half drop pattern that you can see on the site.

What fun this could be by making cafe curtains for your farmhouse kitchen!  I have 2 storage tubs full of vintage ephemera that I have picked up at auctions, so continue to stay tuned for more fabric designs and other featured tidbits here on the blog.

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