Thursday, March 21, 2013

Easter Decor Part 2

My mother, at one point, started collecting small figurine boxes (I guess that's what they are called) for me, primarily Easter boxes.  I know there would have been others obtained through the years, but a stroke took her away, so these little ceramic and resin boxes mean more to me than ever. And I know in the blog post prior, I mentioned buying things off the shelf that are made overseas do not really become heirlooms, but there are exceptions.

These pieces are not vintage, unless you consider 1990's vintage.  I take that back, I think Etsy now allows up to 1993 or 1994 as vintage so maybe they are climbing into that category.

I am getting old.

Anyway, the boxes get a very special place each Easter season.

I put them on the music box my grandmother gave me for Christmas.

Sweet, right?  The next picture is authentically vintage because it came from my grandmother's home when she was liquidating everything to sell the house.

I placed the egg on a candle that has a timer, so in the evening it flickers underneath the egg.  :)

Tomorrow I will finish with a few more ceramic pieces and that will wrap up our Easter decor.  Just a few, close-to-the-heart pieces decorate the home this season, but each piece tells a story of familial love and the greatest love of all: Christ's love!

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