Friday, March 8, 2013

Pinterest Friday!

I'm starting a new column every Friday titled, "Pinterest Friday".  With the weekend ahead, this is the perfect time to start a crafty project and what better source of inspiration than Pinterest!

So, you have a dog.  So do I (3, actually)!  Our newest little squirt is a poodle named Edie.

She won't be very tall, so this idea probably wouldn't work in her case, but if you have larger dog whose dishes are accidentally kicked causing a mess, then this idea is for you!

Here's the link on Pinterest:  Elevated Pet Dishes

Isn't this a brilliant idea?  If you have a medium-sized dog, consider using a step stool like the one in my Etsy shop:

You can find this stool in my Etsy shop; link is on your right.

So dig in the garage and basement, visit your local antique shop or buy a vintage chair or stool online and create an off-the-floor eating experience for your dog while making a decorating statement at the same time!

Win-win, right?

Enjoy your weekend!

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