Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fun Vintage Finds

Sometimes I find things at antique malls that I would LOVE to have but either don't have the room or don't have the extra money to spend.  These two items fall into into both categories, so I took pictures instead.

I ADORE this amusement ride that was probably parked outside a Five and Dime or maybe a grocery store.  You don't see too many of these anymore and I've never seen this particular one ever.  It was tagged $895 and it still works, but you can see the cord is new, so I'm sure it was rewired over time.  But still, who needs a River Queen ride in one's house?  If I had the room . . .

And who would have thought of this?

The painted cowboy head makes the door.  It was tagged $395.  I stood and pondered and pondered and pondered, but couldn't figure out a good place to put this in our decor, so I took a picture because I can at least enjoy it this way.

Both items are at Keepers Antique Mall in Harrisonville, Missouri right off 71 Highway.

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