Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Vintage Sewing Trims

I often pick up bags of miscellaneous sewing supplies at flea markets, antique shops and auctions.  Just one trip to the big-box sewing stores such as Hancock Fabrics and Jo-Ann Fabrics, one can see the benefits of buying cast-offs rather than new supplies just for the monetary benefit alone. 

However, to be honest, I love sewing with vintage material and trims.  There's just something cosmic about it all, as if I am somehow channeling the woman who used a half-yard of lace trim before carefully storing the rest away never to be used again, until it found its' way to me.

During the past week, I've dusted off the sewing machine and started sewing again. The holidays are fast approaching and gifts must be made instead of burning the midnight oil a few days before gift-giving occurs.  (I'm having flashbacks of Christmas 2010)   **Smile**

I also plan to create items to fill up a few spaces on this much-neglected website as well as in my Etsy account.  So the other day as I was sewing, I opened a bag of vintage trims and pulled out a few selections of black rick rack trim and instantly became enamored with one of the packages which was already opened and partially used.

Truly, this is just too sweet to use, so I set it aside and will be on the hunt for a vintage frame in which to display this treasure in my sewing room.  I'm very thankful for the person before me who decided to save the paper label after using part of the rick rack.  I have to think this is a bit rare, since most of the vintage trim I have come across is made by Wrights.

While this package is quite old, as well, the clip-art isn't nearly as adorable, so I have no problem tearing it open and using, which is what I did.  

If you are a crafter, broaden your horizons and look for vintage items to use in your craft.  They can be found at nearly every flea market, antique shop and of course eBay.  

Hunting is half the fun! 


  1. Here's a package of bias tape I found among my things
    It must have belonged to my mother. It says Anita Jean Bias Tape.

  2. Now that's an oldie and a brand I've never seen! Thank you for sharing!!