Thursday, November 17, 2011

Feedsack Child's Dress, Charm Packs, Buttons and Patterns!

My first discovered feedsack piece of clothing was discussed here.  It was a tank top made from a cheater-quilt feedsack pattern.  Just recently, I came across this child's dress, also made from feedsack material.

I am certain this dress was worn during playtime because the back seam was repaired using black thread-not ideal by any stretch of the imagination, but it worked.  I'm sure it was the only thread available at the time since this was most likely made and worn during The Great Depression, or shortly thereafter.

The dress was found at the very bottom of a garbage bag purchased at a northern Missouri farm auction earlier this Fall.  I love finds like this!  I currently have the dress listed in my Etsy shop.  The link is here.

If you haven't visited my shop recently, take a look around.  I'm in the midst of listing feedsack quilt square charm packs like this set:

Click this link to be taken directly to the listing.

At a recent central Kansas auction, I purchased 2 large flats of old buttons like these:

And, of course, vintage sewing patterns are being listed as time permits:

Look at the sidebar to your right for a link to my Etsy shop!  See you there!

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