Friday, November 11, 2011

Feedsack Uses

You know the saying, "No matter where I roam; there is no place like home."

My mantra is slightly similar, though it doesn't rhyme, "No matter what I sell; there's still nothing like feedsacks."

It's no secret that I love feedsacks.  I adore their history.

I love the variety of feedsacks/flour sacks still in the vintage marketplace such as these that are in my personal collection:

The colors are still vibrant on this Beauty Bake Flour sack.

Once a flour sack, it now can turn into a pillow case!

This particular piece has the design for someone to finish by cross-stitching and then sewing up the case. The next one in my collection already has the design printed in color:

Just soak off the product sticker and you have a pillow case just ready to be sewn!

The two sacks above are a bit more commonplace, so you can only imagine my thrill when I found remnants of an old stamped feedsack at the bottom of a box full of quilting material.

It's rare for the stamping to have survived all these years since any contact with fluid will erase the stamp.

The sack has been cut all around the stamped design with the owner perhaps sewing up a baby's dress or even blocks for a quilt.  The ingenuity of the women continues to impress me.

In the same box, I found these two quilt blocks with the quilt pieces still pinned to each block.  The woman cut out the pieces in whatever was closest to her at the time; Sunday comics and lined stationary.

She used a delightful feedsack fabric for the butterfly quilt block.

This quilt block is just so sweet.

I listed the quilt blocks in my Etsy shop, if you are interested.  Please click HERE.              

There are so many things to love about collecting vintage items whether they are housewares, clothing or primitives.  But time and again, I find myself most enthralled with vintage fabric, especially feedsacks. I hope my love of feedsacks is passed along to you, as well.

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