Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Decorating with Numbers

If you enjoy decorating with the latest in home decor design, then you'll probably want a few numbers to accomplish your task.  Numbers are everywhere!

Neat, huh?  So, when I found this vintage set of cattle branding irons from 0-8 with the number 6 able to flip into a 9, I was thrilled! 

If anyone is unsure what branding irons do, they are meant to "tattoo" livestock so if one would escape or get stolen, it would be easily traced back to the owner through the numbered or lettered system branded onto the animal.

The numbers were at one point wrapped with twine.  My husband grew up on a cattle ranch and said it was supposed to be a bit more humane rather than the metal going directly against the skin.  Branding is branding to me, though, and I'm sure it's painful no matter what.

From a Missouri farmstead, these irons have been used.  I love the rusty handles and the worn look of the numbers!  They look great together in a large vase or displayed separately.  

I have them listed on Etsy at the moment:

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