Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Cloche

Cloches, or domes, are "in."  So fashionable that you can search blogs, shops and even antique malls for varying ways to display the cloche.

An example from here:

I'm a bit more non-traditional and prefer the appearance of the cloche to be something other than what it was originally meant to be used for.

For example,

I love this idea of using old scientific flasks as found here.

So I knew that one of these days, I'd jump on the cloche bandwagon and ride it all the way home, but I was waiting for inspiration.  A week ago, my husband and I were scouring the antique malls in Lincoln,  Missouri and I came across a heavy clear glass cake stand.  Since it was chipped (yay!), it was priced at just $2.00.  I knew that would be the perfect base for my display.

My husband grew up on a Kansas ranch and he brought with him a few souvenirs of the days of yore.  One of the items was a cattle muzzle that has most recently been used to hang in the kitchen to store wooden utensils.  I was tired of the look, so I cut off the twine that I tied to it and flipped it over and wa-la:  instant vignette of the cloche variety.

It's on the table next to the fireplace and mantle which are sporting a farmhouse theme.  Underneath the "cloche", I placed a vintage stoneware pitcher.  It's all sitting on our antique scale.

The cloche means something to both my husband and I, so that makes it even more special.  So when you are out and about scouring the antique venues, why not find something to repurpose, as well.  It provides a bit of unexpected pizzaz to home decor-which is the best kind!

Happy Hunting!

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