Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Kansas Farm Auction=Three Words That Make Me Smile

I know where to go to find the deals!  Drive at least 3 hours west outside Kansas City and there ARE deals to be found!  But even more than that, check out the pretty road I drove down to find the auction:

What's that large structure coming up on my left you ask?

Why, it's an awesome abandonment!  I swooned and swooned some more.  Luckily, as you can probably tell by the first photo, traffic wasn't heavy, so I pulled over and shot this home with my iPhone.  I wanted to explore the inside, but I don't go to abandonments alone, so the iPhone from the car window had to do. But I know how to return to this place, so maybe sometime in the future I will be back with my husband and good camera in tow.

Over the hill a piece I came to the corner where I needed to turn:

And let me just say that this was the best auction I had ever been to in my entire life.  I was saddened to hear this was the 2nd one as the 1st one was just 3 weeks prior.  I talked with a couple who told me they were at the first auction and only had competition with the salvage junkers.  This auction had a few dealers so the prices may have been at tad higher, but I thought they were extremely reasonable

Lots of great farm junk like the photo above.  If I had my husband with me and the truck, I would have bought a lot more!  But, as it was, I found the holy grail of my existence:  a windmill vane on its' original stem:

The second good piece of news is that it actually fit in my Chevy Equinox with all the seats down!  It's going to kill me to put this up for sale.  I'm still sitting on the fence about that one.  If you know me well enough, I *adore* old windmills. Here's a blog post from just a little while ago:

And if that wasn't enough, check out the signs I had to leave behind because I didn't bid on them:

Everything sold for pretty much what I considered bargain prices.  Even though I stayed the night at a Super 8 with a horrible mattress and woke up with back pain, this auction was worth it!  My car was filled to the gills with great farm items!

And even greater is that I explored another part of Kansas.  It was an utterly delightful Saturday and one I can't wait to repeat!

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