Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Saturday's Auction House Visit

It rained Saturday so we decided trekking through an outside swap meet was not a great idea.  I looked online and noticed that the town our lake cottage is in had an auction inside its' auction house.  With just 45 minutes to spare, we hurriedly got dressed and drove to town.

The auction had a mix of old and new items, but we were able to score these treasures:

I love the jelly cabinet!  It has had a few repairs, but the bulk of the piece is authentically old.  Check out the hardware:

 The inside of the cabinet is red and has aged just enough to show crackling and loss of paint.

We purchased a vintage handcrafted wedding ring quilt with scalloped edges.  Isn't it pretty?

And, finally, I saw this frog planter from across the room and it was love at first sight.  She'll be listed on Etsy soon!  The jelly cabinet will also be listed on Etsy around the June 1 time frame and the quilt will be listed on eBay, so keep watch if you are interested!

Also purchased was a slew of vintage sewing items, not pictured.  While I still prefer farm auctions, on a rainy day it was perfect sitting inside and finding items for a good deal!  :)

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