Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Priscilla Proving Plant

Last Fall, as part of a box lot I purchased at an auction, I found this Presto canning jar lid and glass insert.

Right before I listed this on Etsy, I honed in on the Priscilla Proving Plant embossed logo.

In all my years, I don't believe I've ever seen one like this.  Or perhaps I had and just didn't realize it at the time. Nevertheless, this Priscilla Proving Plant peaked my interest and I started to research it on the internet.  Isn't technology a wonderful thing because before long, I dug up a bit of information.  There's honestly not much about the Priscilla Proving Plant per se, but enough to draw together a bit of a conclusion.

It appears that the Priscilla Proving Plant was a springboard off the Modern Priscilla Magazine that was published between 1887-1930.  From, I learned that Modern Priscilla began at Lynn, Massachusetts as a sixteen-page quarto devoted to fancy work, dress patterns, china painting and needlework in general at fifty cents a year.  In 1894 it was moved to Boston and eventually it was enlarged in scope to cover many other aspects of women's home life.  It absorbed Everyday Housekeeping in March 1912 and Home Needlework Magazine in May 1917.  The last issue was July 1930 after which it apparently merged into Needlecraft.

I imagine that the proving plant then merged with Good Housekeeping Institute because even today there is the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval and you'll notice that the Good Housekeeping Institute is also embossed on the lid.  But before that time, the Priscilla Proving Plant advertised in trade magazines.  Here are a couple of examples I found:

The Modern Priscilla magazine published cookbooks and other books as well.  Here is an excerpt about choosing home furnishings:

Now if you come across an old Presto jar lid and see the Priscilla Proving Plant logo, you'll know you have a time-tested and approved piece of history in your hands.

If you have additional information, I'd love your comments and I can add them to this blog entry.  :)

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