Saturday, June 4, 2011

Vintage Pot Holders and Pot Holder Hangers

Let's take a tour of kitchen collectibles:

Vintage Pot Holders/Hot Pads

I suppose one wouldn't be surprised to know with my love of vintage fabric and feedsacks, I also love vintage handmade pot holders.  Growing up, my mother purchased the pot holders made on looms that organizations like the Girl Scouts would make and sell for a fundraiser.  So when I would visit my grandparents' house, the pretty pot holders placed on the table would attract my attention.

Most of her pot holders were made by the generation before her.  Lovely crocheted works of art would grace the table before the hot plates were set on top.  They certainly weren't the plainer pot holders my mother used and that's what made them special.  They were old and beautiful.

When it came time to decorate our little lake cottage, somehow all the years of my collecting spurred by my earlier admiration came to fruition when I had a bountiful amount of sweet pot holders to display.

To be fair, however, the pig pot holder was just purchased from eBay this past month
(I still need to collect, you know!  :)   )

Isn't that the truth?

Old and new mingle together with my great-grandmother's biscuit cutter.

I adore this sweet cat.  Oh, and the stains?  Well, to me they tell a story of sugar cookies, a festive Thanksgiving turkey and a blue-ribbon award at the State Fair for her homemade apple pie.

Just in case there was any question. . .     :)

Of course, when you have pot holders, you need a method of displaying!  There are many great options in the Land of Vintage!  For my collection, I like to sniff out items that belong in a 1930's getaway cottage like this small rolling pin with a hand-crocheted cover:

and this rolling pin with Sikeston, MO still faintly able to be read:

Notice the ornate hangers.  Aren't they pretty?

Since we are located at the Lake of the Ozarks, anything souvenir-related is searched for:

If you are looking for a fun, affordable new addiction, consider vintage pot holders and pot holder hangers!

Next up:

Vintage Kitchen Textiles!

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