Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Vintage Kitchen Textiles

Kitchen textiles can encompass a broad range of items such as tablecloths, tea towels, aprons and feed/sugar/flour sacks.  Using vintage textiles in the kitchen makes every day dull chores just a bit more fun.  Again, at our lake cottage, I have incorporated different kitchen textiles in the decor such as this little vignette:

The pig and duck towel holders were actually in a $1 box lot at an auction in Kansas quite awhile ago.  They were dusty and quite grimy, but cleaned up well in the dishwasher.  We hung them on the side of the sink base in the kitchen.  The pink textile tied around the duck's neck is actually a vintage luncheon cloth and the one draped over the pig is a wonderful blue-striped tea towel that someone sewed a wonderful dog on:

Adding whimsy to the kitchen really brings a smile to one's face when they enter.  While mentioning tea towels, I came across this tea towel at an antique mall:

I love that someone embroidered "Kitchen" on it with little pink flowers.  It's too cute to use, so it's hanging on a towel rack directly above the kitchen sink and a small collection of salt and pepper shakers are on the shelf.

Speaking of embroidery, it's easy to find hand-embroidered kitchen items at the flea markets and antique shops as well as eBay, of course.  Item such as this:

are plentiful and really add the homespun touch to any room.

Feedsacks can be used in decorating, as well.  Here I placed a small feedsack on the antique chair my great-grandfather used.  This is the bay window in our kitchen at the lake and I change around the design each season.:

Kitchen textiles are an inexpensive way to brighten up your kitchen.  Start a new collection today!

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