Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Colonial Quilt 1933 Catalog

I love this resurgence of handmade items.  Perhaps the birth of  Etsy  helped drive the market or maybe many of us long to go back to a simpler time.  A time when there were less distractions.  A time when "keeping up with the Joneses" didn't exist.

Before I became a dealer, I was a buyer of antiques.  My first purchase after my first job and checking account was a jar of vintage buttons from an antique mall in Martin City, Missouri.  I have always been drawn to things related to sewing.  Old embroidered runners, doilies and quilts always makes my heart pitter-patter.

So it is with great happiness I came across this piece in Camdenton, Missouri:

The Colonial Quilts catalog has a copyright date of 1933.  Seventy-eight years have passed since the printing and it's good to know that while so much has changed,  the feelings of putting needle and thread through material hasn't budged one bit .

Nancy Lee states in the beginning of the catalog:

"Join the happy throng of women who are finding companionship, peace, contentment, and above all joy of creating with their own hands a fresh, new quilt of lasting daintiness."

While I do not possess the patience to make a quilt, I do have the knowledge and love of the art. Anytime I have the opportunity to purchase vintage quilts and handiwork, I jump at the chance.  This gives me an opportunity to enjoy my business in passing along pieces of history to someone who appreciates the time and love put into each stitch of handiwork.  What can be better than that?

**This catalog is currently on eBay.  Click the link to your left if you are interested!                                                                                  

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