Monday, October 6, 2014

Tricky Dogs Still Cool As Ever

Here in the Missouri Ozarks, summer skipped to winter in just a few days.  One day I have the air-conditioning on in the van and then the next thing I know I'm turning on the steering wheel heat and cranking up the heated seats.  So it was, I woke up early Saturday morning to make a trek to a "3-story home" auction.  The owner had passed away and it was purported to be a very large auction with 2 rings!  

When I came into the kitchen to grab a cup of coffee while getting ready, I noticed the window panes on our 1930's log cottage were frosted from the cold.  I saw shadows dance across the layer of white from the wind blowing around the leaves on the trees.

I looked at the thermometer and it was in the upper 30's.  

In October.

We are still at the "summer house" which means that I don't have all the winter necessities but I have brought down long pants and sweatshirts, which I supposed would be good enough.  I got ready and warmed up the jalopy and off I went.

It's a gorgeous drive on 83 Highway.  Large stone outcroppings give way to the vastness of Truman Lake.  The road is windy and heavily forested on either side.  I just couldn't wait to get to the auction which sounded completely worth the cold weather and longer drive.

Except the auction wasn't worth the drive at all.  Three levels?  Only if you count the unfinished basement filled to the rim with ceramic molds and half-painted ceramics and old caked past-their-expiration-date ceramic paint.  There was a large tent but it was quite a buzz-kill going inside.  There were a couple of choice pieces of furniture but the rest were duds.  Dirty, too.  There were boxes upon boxes upon boxes of books, flotsam and jetsam, and plain junk.  The two flatbeds of better things were just slightly better than the boxed goods.  Just slightly.  

When the auction started, I immediately knew this was a mistake.  The prices were ridiculously high. I was kicking myself in between shivering from the cold wind because I went to an auction several weeks ago in the same vicinity by the same auctioneer and swore off ever going again because of high prices and an overrated auction bill.  But now I know well to just skip over this auction company's name and not even bother reading or looking at pretty pictures to entice me to their auctions.

I stayed through the first flatbed; 2 hours worth, and then headed over to the tent while they auctioned furniture. (Still in one ring, I might add)  The prices were going higher than retail, so I took my few items I bought and paid the $11 at the trailer before piling back in the van.

I did, however, pay $2 for a special memory.

(Photo Credit:  eBay  )

I haven't thought about these dogs for years!  I don't know if my great-grandparents had them or if it was at my grandparents' home but I was fascinated with these magnetic dogs as a child.  I could entertain myself for quite a while and I'm pretty sure I'm equally as fascinated now in my 40's!  

When the box went up for auction I threw up my number.  I was tickled with this buy that will be headed to Etsy soon.  That is if I can bring myself to sell them!  

So while I didn't stay at the auction long or fill up my van, I did enjoy the gorgeous drive and was thrilled to find a piece of childhood I had forgotten about all these years.  Auctions are all so different.  Some are good and others are not so good.

It reminds me of my grandmother.  Two doors down, her friend of many, many years passed away.  Awhile later the family held an estate auction.  My grandmother walked over and was absolutely appalled at the dust on the furniture and glassware!  " She would be so embarrassed if she knew this was what her furniture looks like. People will think she lived in a dirty house.  She was such a clean person.  I can't believe no one in the family cleaned all of her things before putting them outside."  My grandmother was beside herself.  My grandmother is a clean freak, too.  

But she's right.  Things would display much better if they were dusted and cleaned.  But the reality is what I see; dirt and caked-on dust.  The house I went to Saturday had been empty for 11 years and the items showed it!  

Still, I enjoy the thrill of the hunt even if I hit a dud or two.  It's just the way of the business.  At least I didn't walk away empty-handed.  And I'll make a few bucks overall from my purchases and that's the name of this auction game.  That and the memories.  

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