Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Aaannnnddddd it's October. October! OCTOBER!

Ahem. With all good intentions, I am back to my shop blog.  Not that I ever truly left or didn't think about it but my best reason I'm going to give for a lack of blogs is that my MacBook Pro bit the dust. Seriously?  But I have an Apple!  Apples don't break.  Well, they do and by the grace of our Lord Jesus, I had just 80 days left on my extended warranty which meant I left my computer with the fine Apple people to be fixed.  Fixed meant wiping every living thing off my hard drive.  I lost everything BUT for a few spreadsheets the fine Apple Geniuses were able to salvage.  The rest, well, I'm not sure where that stuff goes, but if there's a hard drive heaven, it is now filled with much of my drivel.

The upside is that my computer has all new insides.  So it was like picking up a newborn Macbook Pro (for free!) which meant I had to load everything else back on, connect to printers and so on and so forth.  Except I really haven't done much of that, to be honest.  But, it put me on a blog diet.

So, what's been up, Head Bee?  Well, we have a Facebook page.  I'm sure I've mentioned it before but I am good at keeping that updated because, well, I do love my Facebook!

Need the link?


I'd appreciate a "like" on the shop page.  Occasionally I will run Etsy coupon codes, so keep watch!

We are still in Missouri as my husband is filling in at a pharmacy where they need his help.  I'm hoping to take my camera out soon to take pictures of the gorgeous, ever-changing leaf colors.  We've never been down in the Ozarks during the change and my, it's quite beautiful!

Delavan Cottage is mostly finished.  I say mostly because we have just a few little things that need to be done and landscaping to plan, but for all intents and purposes, it's done.

We need to paint the front 2 doors a different color green, but here is the finished look!  I just love it!

The living room/kitchen turned out great, too!

We put in a pathway between our two cottages:

The bathroom is all done and now has a washer/dryer!  And drywall!  Man, was that ever a fiasco.  I will eventually bring my good camera and take a complete folder of pictures to see the finished product!  But as far as dealing with the construction company, we are done!  Yay!

I have been going to some auctions as my health allows.  Here's a sneak peek of some things that will be hitting the market soon.

And here are just a few pictures of our cottage space at Big Creek Antique Mall in Greenwood, Missouri.

There's many more pictures of our booth on our Facebook page!

Stay tuned!  A big old sale is in the works at the shop!  So if you're keeping your eye on something, you might want to keep up.  I'll post when it happens.

What does the Fall bring?  I hope many more auctions.  I'll also be heading up to Illinois to help my dad begin downsizing.  With that, I'm hoping that some of his vintage and antique items he will not be keeping will make their way into the antique mall.  Never a dull moment!  Right?

Thanks for reading and I'll be back soon.  I promise!

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