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Monday, April 15, 2013

Let's Dish Avon

Let's dish Avon.  Since becoming an Independent Avon Representative (, I've been stockpiling product to test and wear.  So far, I've loved everything I have ordered!  I'm starting to wear full-on makeup once again. For many, many years I've given up wearing makeup because it would make my skin break out. Then came this little disease called systemic mastocytosis and I began reacting to just about anything I put on my face. Thankfully medication is keeping most of it at bay, so this was the perfect time to try out different products.

It was a jump of faith placing Avon products on my face, but I couldn't be more pleased.  I took a picture of myself a few days ago and wanted to show you a few products that I have had great success with.

First, here's an overall shot.  You'll notice the pretty necklace.  It has matching earrings and you can purchase the bracelet separately.  I've worn them a few times and have been so pleased!

Here's the NECKLACE SET (Click the link and it will take you to the product)

So back to the makeup. Here's a closeup picture:

To be honest, I haven't tried Avon's liquid foundation. Since my skin tends to be a bit sensitive, I have used Clinique's Moisture Surge Tinted Foundation with great success.  The particular shade I use is 02.


And can I say I LOVE anything that mark. makes.  If you are on my Avon page, you'll notice near the top bar mark. products. I'm currently using a mark. Cheekblossom Color Tint that I don't believe is offered at this time, but something similar is this mark. product:

The JUST PINCHED blush can be found by clicking the capitalized link.

For eye color, which you can't see too well with my glasses on, is also by mark.

I especially love the white sparkly shade in the upper left hand corner of the compact.  Here's the link: ON THE DOT COLOR COMPACT

I'll bet the last mascara I purchased was around 3 years ago.  I simply couldn't wear mascara without it clumping or making my eyes tear.  I decided to try this mascara from Avon and have had nothing but good luck with it.  Minimal flaking and it stays on all day without rubbing off.

I haven't yet tried any of their other mascara, but I do love this one.  You can find it here:  SUPEREXTEND INFINITIZE MASCARA

For the lips, I use Avon's TOTALLY KISSABLE LIPSTICK.  It's soft and stays on for quite a long time.

Next Dish installment will feature face cream and oh do I have happy things to say about that!  :)

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