Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Simple Chair Makeover and Pig Pillow

We have an off-white wing-back chair at the lake cottage.  I'm not positive why I thought off-white was a good idea at a place where we play hard and come in dirty and often have to wait around for vacancy in our one bathroom to change a wet bathing suit.  Needless to say, we're often sitting in the chair making it dirty over the course of 7 years.  Awhile back I placed a crocheted vintage bedspread on the back of the chair but this year we needed something more.

I thought about making a slip cover for the entire chair and I still may but until then I wanted a quick fix that could be changed out quickly and washed.  Since I've been at the cottage for the past 2 weeks getting it ready for summer and sewing my little heart out for the shop, I had several feed sacks on hand.  I decided to grab one of my favorite worn feed sacks and tucked it into the seat.  I then draped over a vintage feed sack pillow cover over the top of the chair.  I love the look!

Now I need to figure out what to do with the arms.  Maybe I'll just wait until I can make a slipcover because arm covers often shift and look terrible after someone's been sitting in the chair.  This, though, was an extremely easy makeover that gives the chair a completely different look that matches perfectly in a casual lake cottage.

Speaking of casual, I made this pillow yesterday:

We went to a farm auction outside Florence, Missouri Saturday.  It was hot and very humid but we still waited till near the very end because there was a stack of vintage feed sacks that I had to have.  I was tickled when I won the bid!  After coming home, the sacks needed a good soaking before washing.  After they were cleaned, I took this one out of the batch and sewed it to a delightful vintage red floral fabric in the envelope style.  Inside is a large, thrifted feather pillow that is included.

I really do like all the stains on the front because I feel that adds authenticity to the piece.  In fact, when I cut open the feed sack, even after washing, straw fell out!  :)  That's about as barn fresh as it comes!

Wouldn't it look adorable on the wing-back chair?

It is, however, listed for sale here.

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