Monday, January 27, 2014

Dancing Bumblebee Cottage Is Now Located In The West Bottoms KCMO

Now that you've read the previous entry about Maud, Claude, Mable, Walter and Dancing Bumblebee Cottage, I want to make an exciting announcement.  Dancing Bumblebee Cottage is now located at the West Bottoms in Kansas City, Missouri.  Our booth is on the 4th floor of the Central Bag Company Building at Pete N Repeat Repurposed.  We are on the back wall in booth number 0015.

Dancing Bumblebee Cottage at Pete N Repeat Repurposed
Central Bag Company Building
1323 West 13th Street
Kansas City, Missouri

Of course, we're still on Etsy (link in the right sidebar) but we'll be bringing to the West Bottoms items that would have been found in Maud and Claude's cottage as well as Mable and Walter's Kansas farm house in the early 1900's.  

The West Bottoms is a plethora of pop-up antique shops open on the first Friday weekend of every month.  Pete N Repeat Repurposed is also open every Saturday for your shopping pleasure.  There are 2 freight elevators to take you up to the 4th floor.  That's half the fun!  Maud, Claude, Mable and Walter are always tickled to see items they used in every day life bring joy to generations.  You'll find furniture in their found state usually with chippy paint and loads of love embedded in every scratch and bump.  Graniteware, antique shipping boxes with glorious advertising, children's furniture, and antique items with Adirondack flair will be sourced. (Maud's family, the Phipps, were originally from the New York Adirondack region before moving to Kansas, so of course Maud had an infinity for items from the Adirondacks).  Walter was handy and especially loved anything handmade, so you'll see folk art featured, as well.  Mable loved to sew and I do, too, so the shop will have some handmade feed sack pillows on display.

Since this is a new venture, we've just gotten set up.  Here's our booth for this upcoming weekend starting on Friday:

As time goes by, most treasures will have little stories attached to the price tag because everything has a story and Maud, Claude, Mable and Walter want to share with you the history behind each item.   Within the month, the booth will have a large canvas picture of Maud and Claude welcoming you to Dancing Bumblebee Cottage.  But until then, stop out to the West Bottoms and visit our cottage.  We're delighted to have you stop in.


  1. Welcome to the 4th Floor! red truCK tresures

  2. Thank you! Can't wait to meet you!