Thursday, September 26, 2013

September Auctions

I was heading home from the cottage 2 weeks ago for the day to get some errands run.  Our little lake neighborhood is at least 15 minutes from anything, so it's a bit of a drive for most.  At the next road from the cottage, there was an auction sign pointing towards the gravel road!  Wow!  What?  An auction so close to the cottage?

I immediately did a quick u-turn and headed over to the auction which was located at a house that included a barn.  It sits high on a hill pretty much in the woods by itself on an acre and a half of land.  The house had been closed up since 2008 when the last owner passed away.  I was beside myself and decided to stay for the day.

Am I glad I did!  I purchased a few primitives for sale and many things for us to keep.  I also toured the house, which was still in its' great 1950's state.  The house was for sale, so it was opened to us onlookers.

Here are a few interior pictures:

See the swan on the bath/shower door?  The entire bathroom was done in this shiny tile.  Very retro, indeed.

This was the front bedroom.  The living room and bedroom all had the wonderful wagon wheel lights. Each bedroom was a different color.  It was so interesting to walk through.

I picked up a few treasures for sale including this handmade doll chair:

I waited nearly the entire auction to bid on the chair.  I just love its primitive, chippy paint appearance.  A few items ended up at Delavan Cottage like these crocks, the heavy metal stool and 2 quilts:

Because the auction was pretty much in the boondocks, I paid $8 total for all the crocks.  The stool was $3.  The quilt on the left was $5 and the one on the right was $1.  I was tickled!

Last Sunday I drove down to southern Missouri for a farm auction at a century-old farmhouse.  It was a truly enjoyable day.  The farmhouse and 80 acres are currently under a silent auction to sell, so the house was open to walk through.

I posted on facebook:  Sunday's auction was at a family farm outside Golden City, Missouri. The farmhouse was at least 100 years old. There were boxes upon boxes of family pictures at the auction. Souvenirs from New York and other places in the country were there, as well. I drew some information about the family just by going through remnants that were headed up for sale. When I went inside the house, it was the first time in which every single square inch had the same wallpaper both upstairs in down. And it had wall-to-wall carpeting, even over all the thresholds. There were flowers inside the cabinets, too. But what I liked best was the view out of her kitchen window. It made sense to me. Bunny Hall was a cheerful soul. She led an interesting life that put her back at the family farm for a time before moving to Sarcoxie. At the end of her life, the family possessions as well as the farm and 80 acres are being dispersed. This was one of those auctions I felt privileged to attend. You can read about Bunny at the link below. 

Everything I purchased, but for one item, is heading down to Delavan Cottage like a wood quilt rack for $3 and a few pottery pieces.  The one item I purchased to sell is this neat picture in a tin oval frame titled, "Jesus in the Temple.

The chair as well as the picture are both listed on Etsy along with several new listings!  I have several new items to list in the next week and I'm going to be busy this weekend with 2 auctions.  One on Friday and another Saturday.

So check the Etsy shop for new treasures!

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