Friday, January 25, 2013

Photography Collections

Dancing Bumblebee Cottage has a new look!  Over the past year or so, my shop has evolved from mainly primitives, to a plethora of farm-fresh goodies!  I felt as though my blog needed to reflect the change.  With the new look, I am anxious to start blogging again on a regular schedule.  You'll see entries revolving around antiques, of course, but with a personal touch.  My real-life-away-from-the-shop blog has been shut down, so I will be using this one as a place to write about diverse topics; favorite recipes, favorite collections, decorating, antiques and more.  Did I mention antiques?  :)

Speaking of collections, I bought myself a nifty wand scanner as a Christmas present this year.

I even chose the lovely animal-print design you see above!  :)  Here's a link and no, I'm not a paid advertiser, just spreading some scanner love:

Portable Scanner

When I went home to Illinois for Christmas, I brought along my scanner and when I was visiting my grandmother's house, we brought out the photo albums and I scanned some of my favorite photographs.    I don't know about you, but I LOVE family photos.  Not so much the professionally posed photos, but the ones taken by various family members over the years capturing happy moments.

This photo makes me smile from ear to ear.  My grandmother is holding my brother Jeff as my grandfather has his arm around her.  I love her looking to the side smiling and did you notice the shadow of the person taking the picture.  I imagine my grandmother was smiling at her parents seen in the next photo.

Here's a photograph of my grandmother as a little girl.  Next to her is Margaret, her older sister.

This photo was taken out on her sister Margaret and brother-in-law Ed's farm.  Ed loved photography and took this picture.  Look closely!  There's a kitten hanging on for dear life while feeding from her mommy!

Ed died last year at the young age of 101 years old!  :)

While I adore antiques and the stories each piece can tell, I love photography even more.  In today's day and age, digitally archiving photos is such a great idea! Don't keep your photo collection to yourself; share it with the world!  :)

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