Saturday, February 11, 2012

Zippered Cosmetic Case from a Vintage Apron

I finally went through 3 large boxes of fabric which have been in storage for awhile now.  I kept everything that interested me, and sent the rest off to a friend.  One of the items I kept was an unfinished vintage apron in the blue pattern above.  The seamstress added bright yellow bias trim to the neck opening, but both arm openings were still unfinished and I didn't have any matching yellow binding to finish off the apron.

Since I loved the pattern so much, I cut it up and made a lined zippered case.  I had an alfalfa seed on the shelf, so I cut a bird out of the word, "hardy", explaining the seed's reliability and attached it to the front of the case.

The lining consists of a plain seed sack:

The case is large enough to carry in a pocketbook and fill with either cosmetics, or as I have, an iPhone, some crochet needles and a pair of glasses:

I added two layers of thick sew-in interfacing to give the case some body.  I rather like the outcome:

If you are interested, here is the link to my Etsy listing:    Vintage Zippered Cosmetic Case

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